New Shokan Kitchen Island Project (NSKIP)


About This Project!

Who Are the Statue-Worthy Women in New York?

The New Shokan Kitchen Island Project (NSKIP) asked women and women-identifying writers to create monologues about women who deserve a statue.

Our third presentation of STATUEFEST is on May 21 at 7 pm ET on Zoom. Attendance is Free. Reserve by emailing StatueFest2021@gmail.com

The Women on a Pedestal, May 21:

  • Stella Adler - by D. Lee Miller
  • Alice Austen - by Fengar Gael
  • Zora Neale Hurston - by Cheryl L. Davis
  • Marsha P. Johnson - by Nicole Ansari
  • Yuri Kochiyama by Christine Toy Johnson
  • Frances Perkins - by Deborah Savadge
  • Women of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory - by Barbara Kahn

Directed by JoAnna Rhinehart

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Upcoming in StatueFest 2021 June

Henrietta Vinton Davis by Carolyn Gage
Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Cindy Cooper
Pauli Murray by Michael angel Johnson
Antonia Pantoja by Janis Astor del Valle
Anne Spencer by Elizabeth Straus
Emma Stebbins by Heather Jeanne Volanti
Edith Wharton by Martha Patterson

Raising Our Voices!

The Women on a Pedestal in StatueFest I on March 19, 2021

  • Bea Arthur - by Allison Fradkin, performed by Joan McGrath
  • Mabel Ping Hua Lee - by Lucy Wang, performed by Ashley Chiu
  • Barbara McClintock - by Judith Pratt, performed by Carolyn Cadigan
  • Augusta Savage - by Renee' Flemings, performed by Renee' Flemings
  • Clara Leimlich Shavelson - by Pauline David-Sax, performed by Lydia Gladstone
  • Maria Tallchief - by Laura Shamas, performed by DeLanna Studi

Directed by Dev Bondarin

The Women on a Pedestal in StatueFest Two on April 16, 2021:

  • Luisa Capetillo - by Magdalena Gomez, performed by Margarita Espada
  • Maria Irene Fornes - by Lorca Peress, performed by Elise Santora
  • Eva Le Gallienne - by Glenda Frank, performed by Faith Catlin
  • Dorothy Parker - by Bev Thompson, performed by Dara O'Brien
  • Lillian Wald - by Elisabeth Giffin Speckman, performed by Angela Pierce
  • Mary Lou Williams - by Martine Sainvil, performed by Sandra Mills Scott

Directed by Gwynn MacDonald

StatueFest One and Two: Mel Nunes, Stage Manager; Tessa Freeman, Assistant Stage Manager

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StatueFest Two April 16 2021 Program

Who's Who in StatueFest Two: Read or Download our Playbill.